Electric motor replacement

When the electric motor that failed is replaced, the ideal is to be made a careful analysis to understand what the problem was presented by the electric motor. The ideal is to recover an electric motor that has low power because the cost is high and reaches the value of a new electric motor that has high performance.

In addition, when the spoiled electric motor 83050 olp is recovered, new factors are introduced and this can cause the electric motor to suffer losses when compared to the original electric motor.

When rewinding electric motor is at odds with the original manufacturer’s design data, it will be necessary that the number of turns or different from the original wire gauge is placed in operating conditions in the electric motor, but out of the characteristics and ideals and the result will be a sharp drop in the electric motor efficiency and an increase in their losses.

Gates with electric motors

The gates with electric motors were able to meet the needs of various people. Today is an important requirement to have an electronic gate at home. Not only for the sake of comfort, but also the safety issue. If you are considering this investment, know that it is worth.

Prices are not high, it is an investment that is worthwhile. Compensates research on local companies so that you have knowledge about which offer the most affordable price for you. The installation may be fair both in small models, as well as in large. Beyond the gates, it has several other products that have been optimized with the arrival of this brand and this has brought positivity.

Jason 5VX850

The engine has the same function as usual. He will receive an electricity and make the conversion to mechanical energy, this second that will drive the gate. It seems complex, but the procedure is much simpler than most people think and it is worth having a gate to this technology.

How to Clean electric motor

Cleaning of electric motors includes the maintenance part because this will also contribute to the smooth operation of this machine. For those who do not remember, motor function is to transform the electrical energy into mechanical energy, but for this it needs to be in perfect working order to accomplish this activity.

To clean the electric motor is important to have knowledge about this process to avoid any damage to the machine. The maintenance and cleaning should be performed by professionals who are qualified for this process, there are many third party companies in which it is possible to hire this hand labor. olp reelcraft

Proper maintenance is based on a periodic inspection to have knowledge of the workings of it and what needs to be fixed. The part of cleaning need not be performed daily, only according to the need of each model. Be sure to check all the details on this engine to leave it in perfect working order.

Electric motor parts

For a while the parts for electric motors were hard to find, especially those more expensive and more special. Today this situation has changed a lot and there are specialty stores provide various parts for different types of electric motors, which will make life easier for many consumers.


To buy electric motors parts you will have the option online or physical store. Like any other product, it will require you to search for prices before making a purchase. Mainly because there are parts with expensive values ​​and you need to find a company that will not charge expensive as well.

Some parts need to order, mainly because it’s all store that will not have a stock that you need, even if it is a bit unique. In these cases it is important that you search among the stores to know how long each will take to deliver the product you need, so you give preference to one that is faster.

Basic Operation Electric Motor

The basic operating principle of the electric motor is connected with the electromagnetic fields. For those unaware, this engine has the function of making the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy and for this it needs internal parts responsible for this function.

Today there are several types of electric motors single motors l509t baldor, but they have similar features. What is even change the size and strength of the machine, this because each will be suitable for a different type of end use, then we have many variations. The basic or complete operation is not difficult to understand, so you’ll have no trouble about.

From the moment in which the motor can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy it can be present in various end applications as well. When buying an electric motor is very important that the person knows what is the most suitable type for the desired application.

Friction loss and loss by shorting cause problems in the electric motor

The electric motor’s basic function is to perform the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy. The better the electric motor, the better the conversion that the electric motor performs the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy.

When the electric motor does not work well, the losses occur by friction, losses short circuit. best prices for tension control magpowr

The friction loss is driven by mechanical characteristics of the electric motor when running on the bearings generating minimal friction possible and in practice it is not possible to reduce friction and so the losses occur.

The mechanical pressure that is suffering the brushes on the electric motor rotor causes friction losses occur as a brake and generate heat so that there is greater loss of income from the electric motor.

Losses due to short-circuit occur when the brushes change the contact and move from one winding to another rotation of the electric motor and the contact occurs in the two windings at the same time.

Presence of harmonics cause problems in the electric motor

The supply voltage at which the electric motor is submitted should present a sinusoidal behavior called. It is common now that the electric motor is driven by electrical drives and these drives are the ones that cause the shapes of waves of voltage and / or current.

Because of the harmonics, the electric motor is no longer an AC classified as pure and it will cause losses there, reducing the torque that is available to the load and also the presence of conjugated called Pulsed. All this will cause the electric motor has problems such as heat, vibration, and drop in income.

The harmonics can cause the life of the electric motor is reduced because there may be damage to the bearings, shaft fatigue, or even deterioration of the insulation system.


Another factor that causes harmonics in the power supply are electronic devices that control the speed of electric induction motor.